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     Do you have a lot of bills or subscriptions that you must remember to pay for? Easybills will help you with that. It's your own assistant. It's here to remind you to pay your bills on time. Just add your bills and set the due date and the reminder cycle - yearly, monthly, weekly or one time. When the due date comes, you will receive a notification. Easybills is simple and intuitive, you won't get confused using it unlike other bill managers.

Hungry Snake

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     The snake is so hungry, that it will eat everyting - mostly apples, which gives you points and unfortunately makes your snake longer and faster. You need to watch out not to bite yourself and avoid obstacles. Sometimes a bonus item can appear, so you better grab it fast, beacause the faster you get it, the better is the reward.

Cable Connect

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     The gameplay is a little similar to plumber game. But instead of pipes you will handle cables. Connect power supllies with bulbs of the same color to light them. Sometimes you will need to combine two or even three power supplies to get different color and light non standard bulbs.

Math it!

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     "Math it!" is a logic, math game that can help to train your brain. It is like a test with four answers, you need to choose the right one to get a point. You have to solve this equations quickly, because the time is running out and you can loose a life, careful you have only three. The more points you get the equations get harder.


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     Elegant notepad application with nice animations and useful functions. Fast scrolling between notes, grouping notes in folders, notifications, to-do lists, delete multiple items at once, password protection, export/import, real time search function, 1x1 and 2x2 app widgets and many more!

Tic Tac Toe Classic

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     Classic Tic Tac Toe game with intelligent AI which adjusts difficulty level to the player. Besides that it has 2 player mode to play with a friend and you can chose the size of board! This game is better than others because it has nice and neat design, animations and intelligent AI so don't wait and check it out! Supports tablets!

Power the Bulbs

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     Connect the same color of power supply to bulbs and light them. Mix colors to match not standard bulbs. Just touch the wire and it will rotate. Only the best brains will finish this game and get all the stars!

Lost Fish

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     Help the lost fish swimming as far as you can and beat the score. Just tap the screen and fish will swim higher, watch out for some creepy plants along the road.

Simple Number Generator

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     This simple and light application generates random numbers from specific range. It has a function that generates numbers at selected time.

Date Viewer Widget

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     Simple, elegant and very light date viewing widget. Working in every language. When you click the widget calendar will open

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